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We wouldn’t be an advertising agency focused on millennials, if we haven’t started out with the basics, which is of course- Online Advertising, or Online Marketing.

Online advertising is a form of marketing where companies use the Internet to reach their target audiences and deliver their promotional messages through increasing traffic on their websites. Link There are many sub-branches of this constantly growing and expanding form of advertising, which include E-mail marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile and Video marketing and all of them have sub-techniques as well, most of which will be covered in the upcoming blog posts. Link

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Even though Online Advertising may be a small fraction of the Online Marketing tree and such growing trends as Social Media Marketing are stealing the spotlight, it doesn’t mean that companies should disregard this form of advertising completely.

Some examples of online advertising include banner ads, search engine results pages, social networking ads and email spam, which will be now explained. Link

Banner advertising holds the definition in its name. It is an image-based graphic display that spreads across a website page you’re on and invites you to click on it and get transferred to the company’s official website.

The purpose of tEXP30%2his method is to catch people’s attention and it is proven to be a popular form of website advertising. Link

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Search engine results page (or SERP) is essentially a list of web pages that pop up when you type in something in the search bar of a search browser.SERP

In order to show the Organic results, Google goes through a series of metrics to ensure that your site is relevant. The PPC results are “paid-per-click” sponsored advertisements. Link

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Social networking (or media) advertising is an offspring to initial online advertising and is the main focus for us, the millennials. It is essentially a form of advertising focused more on reaching the target audience through the use of social media websites, such as the very well-known Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.

Nowadays, compafacebook-advertisingnies take advantage of the information people voluntarily post on their personal profiles, indicating interests and preferences. It is a very efficient and cost-effective way to reach your target audience. Picture source

SpamEmail spam targets individual users with direct but unsolicited email messages sent in bulk from a concealed email address. Link Email spam lists are often created by scanning Usenet postings, stealing Internet mailing lists, or searching the Web for addresses. Link If you genuinely want to start an email marketing campaign, email service providers will use a series of filters and data associations to determine if your message is spam or not. Link Picture source

It has become obvious that the Internet is taking over the traditional media outlets. Which is why, there are several reasons for marketers to use Online Advertising:

  • Geographical reasons: proximity to your target audience regardless of your location
  • Cost effectiveness: does not require huge investments
  • Flexibility: ability to be as creative as possible

However, Online Advertising does not come without flaws. If you ask an average person’s opinion on online ads, he would most probably say that they’re annoying, distracting and one should definitely use an Ad blocker for his browser. An important aspect of choosing the Internet over television is that people want to filter their content. They browse for a specific reason, therefore seeing something that they were not looking for, could be perceived as unwanted and intrusive even.

If we talk about “recent”, we think creative video content, maybe photography, and of course the possibility of sharing it with your friends through social media. Since online advertising is very much a general term, specific examples of successful marketing campaigns will be discussed in the future posts.

It is no longer a question whether one should advertise online. It is rather a question of which forms of online advertising to use in order to reach your clients and spread awareness of your business. When used correctly, online advertising can be a great outlet for your creativity that will lead to higher traffic, better presence on the market and consequentially, increased profit.

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