Video Marketing

The next online marketing technique we are going to analyze can be easily proclaimed to be the future of content marketing. This blog post is devoted to Video Marketing.

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Life has become fast and busy. People are no longer keen on spending time reading newspapers or watching TV commercials. They have become more web-dependent and that’s when video marketing became the latest trend.

Video Marketing is the practice of creating a promotional video for a product or service and uploading it on the Internet. Video marketers rely less on words and more on creating a “buzz” around their product that will prompt viewers to act in a certain way. Link If used properly, it can be a highly effective tool for creating awareness of your brand and strengthening your business.

Numerous studies show that nowadays half of all companies are making an active use of this technique for promoting their businesses and satisfying customers’ information and entertainment needs. According to Cisco, by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, leaving behind Facebook and Twitter. Link

However, creating a strong video content is not always an easy job. It requires a way different approach than, let’s say, writing a blog post. The main goal of video creation is to catch the viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds approximately. If it is not achieved, there is a high chance that a viewer will close the video tab without getting the message delivered! There is a variety of tools for composing videos: YouTube Editor, Camtasia, Animoto, Stoome, GoAnimate, Magisto, Sellamations etc. The following is a description of the mostly used once.

  1. YouTube Editor – allows you to create a video by combining different videos and pictures and by adding music and effects. The main advantage of this technique is that it is quick to learn and easy to use. Video editing on YouTube is very basic, lacking any complex editing features. Link Besides, it is absolutely free of charge. However, due to this software’s simplicity and limited possibilities, it cannot be suitable for more complex projects.


  1. Animoto – automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Link It is user- friendly and cost effective. There are three main deal packages provided for video creators which vary in options available: Basic – free of charge, Plus – 30 $/year, Pro 249 $/year. Link

This tool offers many advantages for businesses.

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  1. GoAnimate – is the quickest, simplest, and most cost-effective solution for producing and sharing a professional-looking animated video. It provides characters, actions, backgrounds, props, music tracks and sound effects. Link It is free and does not require any artistic abilities. GoAnimate also gives companies a new, fun way for their fans to interact with their brands. Link

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This video does not only explain the benefits of video marketing and justification for its use, but is also a great example of using this technique for promotion purposes by a company called PRISE.

However, no matter how good video marketing may sound, none of the techniques come without disadvantages. Thus, it is better to be aware of them:

  • Viewership cannot be forced
  • Technical issues with video or Internet connection might arise
  • It takes quite some time to create good-quality videos
  • One mistake (poor, politically-incorrect or inappropriate in certain surroundings video content) can cause bad reputation for your brand
  • The likelihood of users getting annoyed every time a video pops up when visiting a website
  • The longer the video, the higher the risk to fail (anything over 1 minute risks being doomed to fail) Link

One of the best examples of unforgettable advertising campaigns is “Real Beauty Sketches” by Dove. This video was based on Dove’s main concept – emphasizing women’s natural beauty. It is heartwarming, emotional, touching… and that’s how it managed to become viral. Have a look!

Impressive, isn’t it? Feel like you are missing out? Stop wasting your time running behind competitors and start applying video marketing to stay ahead! The benefits are evident! Video Marketing is an effective low cost opportunity for businesses to get visibility, improve branding and generate leads! Link

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